Last Valusect partners meeting of 2022

In November, marking the beginning of our project’s final year, the Valusect partners had one of their regular updates meetings to exchange on the progress of their various activities.

Although only in the virtual format – the partners had a face-to-face meeting last May in Switzerland1 –, it is always a great moment, being able to see everyone, and go back together on the accomplishments from the last few months, as well as looking ahead to what is still to be accomplished.

Valusect has spent a nice period under the spotlight, with many partners involved either in conferences2 (sometimes as far away as Québec3), radio or TV interviews4. Put in parallel with the fact that the legislation on insects as food is evolving in a positive manner5, both in the EU and in the UK, this is pretty encouraging for the follow-up of the project after 2023.

Moreover, as the beneficiaries from the insects for feed vouchers have been selected in July6, this meeting was also the occasion to reflect on the success of the first two calls on insect for food businesses. With these three calls for vouchers, attributed to a total of 47 SMEs, Valusect partners are proud to help boosting the innovative insect industry in the EU!









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