United Services Union ver.di visits ZeMA

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On April 26, the Saarland United Services Union ver.di visited ZeMA. The participants of the academy's advanced training module were able to inform themselves about the latest Industry 4.0 technologies and human-robot collaboration. The visitors also had the opportunity to see the latest application examples of Cotemaco and Robotix-Academy during a hands-on demonstration. Read More

Food processing industry offers great opportunities for robotics industry, but has a few specific rules

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The COTEMACO kick-off meeting for the robotics industry, held at HighTechNL last week, attracted a great deal of interest. The challenges, market size and often harsh working conditions in the food processing industry offer great potential for technology providers of flexible automation and robotics. However, it is not a market that can be accessed without the necessary prior knowledge, according to the presentations of WUR and Food Tech Brainport. Read More