H2-Share: Reducing emissions for heavy-duty transport in NWE through hydrogen solutions

Project Summary

Evidence from the logistics sector shows a strong growing interest in reducing environmental impact through the use of zero-emission vehicles. This is particularly the case for the EU, where the logistics sector contributes 25% of total transport sector CO2 emissions. While battery electric trucks can operate efficiently in urban areas, hydrogen technology has a key role to play in zero-emission logistics over longer distances. Heavy-duty vehicles with a fuel cell range extender - while not yet commercially available in het EU - have huge potential. While opening a new market, it can also contribute to green transport solutions by reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality.

The project aims to unlock this potential and will join forces beginning with four front-runner NWE regions in thee member states (BE, NL, DE) experienced in hydrogen technology. (H2-Share stands for 'Hydrogen Solutions for Heavy-duty transport Aimed at Reduction of Emissions in North-West Europe'.) Based on the project partners' experiences and contacts with innovative end-users, one 27 ton rigid truck run on hydrogen and one flexible low energy mobile refueler will be built and tested. These will be developed in collaboration with important, current end-users involved in different regions. A demo plan will be created through the joint effort of sectoral agencies to ensure maximum involvement of regions, end-users, associations and other stakeholders. These demonstrations will build strong visibility, joint experiences and public awareness around hydrogen solutions in heavy-duty transport. They will also develop a joint roadmap for NWE.

The goal is to facilitate wider implementation of transnational low-carbon transport solutions. By activating this market, NWE will become a leader in Europe for zero-emission heavy-duty transport. Concrete targets include: a 5% market share by 2030 (10.000 heavy-duty vehicles), the creation of 1.000 jobs, CO2 reduction of 1 million tons/year and stimulate (truck) production in NWE based industry. 



Project objective

The objective of H2-Share is to facilitate the development of a market for low-carbon heavy-duty vehicles on hydrogen for logistic applications and gain practical experience in different regions in NWE creating a transnational living lab and a basis for the development of a zero-emission heavy-duty vehicle industry in NWE area.


• Realise knowledge sharing between frontrunner regions and ‘following’ regions, to stimulate technology and market development in NWE.
• Deliver proof of readiness of the H2 technology for heavy-duty applications in real life conditions.
• Create a roadmap and a long-term cooperation with other regions for the development of heavy-duty transport on hydrogen. 

Main outputs

The main outputs in this project are:

  • Technical user requirements for hydrogen trucks.
  • A demonstrated 27 ton heavy-duty rigid truck working on TRL ('Technology Readiness Level' ) level 7 (out of 9 levels) in different real life conditions. (Level 7 means: Demonstration in operational environment.)
  • A demonstrated low energy mobile refuelling station in different real life conditions.
  • Assessment report of heavy-duty truck on hydrogen and mobile refueler. 
  • Interregional cooperation and knowledge network. 
  • A roadmap for heavy-duty trucks on hydrogen in NWE. 
Estimated changes

When the project ends H2-Share wants to have brought about the following estimated net changes on the territory:

  • The H2 rigid truck will be demonstrated six times with four operators in TRL 7 (operational environment) instead of TRL 5 (technical development). 
  • One mobile hydrogen refuelling station will be demonstrated.
  • 50 different transport operators in NWE will be informed and engaged about the project results to suport long term effects to reduce GHG emissions.
  • 75 ton CO2 will be reduced during 2 years of demonstrations. 
  • Five other regions in the NWE will be engaged in the project in order to set up a structural cooperation. 
  • A roadmap for the development of low carbon heavy-duty transport on hydrogen will be created.
  • The fuell cost will be reduced with 20% to 0,7euro/km. 


VDL Bus Chassis


e-mobil BW


Hydrogen Europe


Associated partners: 

Deutsche Post DHL Group


Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure & Environment



Dutch Municipality of Helmond


Co-financing partners: 

Province of Antwerp


Province of Noord-Brabant


Project Partners

Lead partner

Organisation Address Email Website
WaterstofNet vzw 112, bus 1 Slachthuisstraat
wouter.vanderlaak@waterstofnet.eu www.waterstofnet.eu
Name Contact Name Email Country
VDL Bus Chassis BV Pieter Bastiaansen p.bastiaansen@vdlbuscoach.com Netherlands
e-mobil BW GmbH Manuel Schaloske manuel.schaloske@e-mobilbw.de Germany
Hydrogen Europe Sabrine Skiker s.skiker@hydrogeneurope.eu Belgium
VDL Enabling Transport Solutions Pieter Bastiaansen p.bastiaansen@vdlbuschassis.nl Netherlands
Wystrach GmbH Dirk Paessens paessens@wystrach-gmbh.de Germany
AutomotiveNL Jan Wouters j.wouters@automotivenl.com Netherlands
TNO Roel de Natris roel.denatris@tno.nl Netherlands


Design specs mobile refueler made public

Posted on

Project partners Wystrach and WaterstofNet made the design specifications of the mobile hydrogen refuelling station (the 'WyRefueler') public. This deliverable is part of work package I2 (‘the design, building and demonstration of a hydrogen mobile refueler’) of the H2-Share project. The deliverable is a short report describing the specifications and the design of the hydrogen storage (tank container) and refuelling station (refueller container), which you can find attached. Read More

Wystrach presents the H2-Share tank container

Posted on

It’s been quiet on the H2-Share front recently, but now the momentum is building again. Within H2-Share the German company Wystrach GmbH is commissioned to design, build and demonstrate a low energy mobile refueler. Wystrach has now unveiled its tank container (a part of the mobile refueler). Dirk Paessens, Project manager at Wystrach, gave us the following interview: Read More



Check out the H2-Share presentations.

Read Wouter van der Laak's presentation about 'Fuel Cell Electric Trucks' at the seminar 'Decarbonising heavy-duty road transport' given at Hyer (the European Association for Hydrogen and fuel cells and Electro-mobility in European Regions) January 2018, Brussels. 


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