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The Fresh Produce Centre brings QCAP and real-life cases together

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The QCAP researchers are developing a new system to monitor the quality of fruits and vegetables during storage. There is a constant feedback loop with the sector via the Associate Partners. One of those partners is the Fresh Produce Centre, the trade association representing Dutch companies selling fruits and vegetables. Peter Verbaas, project manager of Food Safety and Supply Chain Quality Control, explains their role in the project and why QCAP is necessary for their members. Read More

Towards an innovative storage monitoring system

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A significant part of the fruit and vegetable production gets lost during the post-harvest process. Innovation stakeholders from the North-Western part of Europe are now joining forces to develop an affordable tool that could help farmers monitor the quality of their products in real-time. The new tool will contain a next-generation gas detector, which can measure eight different gasses released by the products. The QCAP project strives towards completing a prototype in 2019. Read More