Online Now: Conference Report "Empowering Neighbourhoods for Climate Action"

On 11 April 2019 the Final Conference of the “Climate Active Neighbourhoods” (CAN) project was successfully hosted by the City of Arnhem (NL) and organised by Climate Alliance, a European municipal network.

96 participants representing project partners, municipalities, non-profit organisations, regional authorities, energy agencies and cooperatives, housing associations, consultancies, policy and science joined the conference. A fruitful exchange of ideas and perspectives on neighbourhood climate action was fostered during a keynote speech, a podium discussion, a thematic marketplace, two workshops and three site-visits.

The main thematic focus of the day was set on how to empower the neighbourhood level and residents to become a stronger and more active part of local climate action. During the three year project period of CAN a versatile range of bottom-up solutions was developed - from encouraging residents to take action on energy efficiency and energy poverty to financial support tools to new ways of cooperation.

Read more in the conference report and find all presentations below.

[Picture: © Jacques Kok]

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