COBRACOMP - Braided textiles to improve the competitiveness of composite materials industry in NWE

Project Summary

The objective of the Interreg NWE COBRACOMP project is to develop, test and validate a new automated textile braiding process for the production of preforms for composite materials reinforcement.

Eight industrial, academic and cluster partners gathered in a partnership lead by Euramaterials to implement the project activities. The works will include the development of innovative braiding machines, the characterization of materials and their modeling, as well as the manufacturing of technological demonstrators in order to validate the technical and economic feasibility of the process, from textile reinforcement to the final composite part. Dissemination and communication workshops are planned during the project to inform about the project and support the project results roll-out and uptake by stakeholders of the composites value chain.

The COBRACOMP project

COBRACOMP will focus on the development of a new high performance multilayer triaxial braiding process allowing fast, automated and repeatable manufacturing of composites reinforcements. During the project, two innovative braiding machines will be developed to manufacture two innovative textile braid architectures, as well as digital simulation and part design tools. The creation of a transnational network on the theme of braided composite materials will help to disseminate information to all project targets. This network will also help sustain the use of project results after its completion.


The NWE zone is a key region for the global value chain of composite materials. The composite market is growing (5% / year) and end users are looking for parts produced in large series. Large companies and OEM are driving the demand for materials to manufacturers upstream in the value chain. Part manufacturers mostly SMEs have to keep innovating to remain competitive in the face of competition from low-cost countries.
To keep a leader position in this global market, the NWE composites industry has to innovate in particular on near net shape, automated and repeatable manufacturing of textile reinforcements.

The Benefits of Braiding

Braiding is a highly automated textile process that allows to manufacture near net shape, preforms, tailored to the shape of complex geometry composite parts. The new COBRACOMP braid architecture will go beyond standard triaxial braiding with a multilayer assembly with more axial yarn, more fibre fraction, more homogeneity leading to higher mechanical performance.

Main project outputs

  • Development of 2 braiding machines to manufacture innovative multilayer 3D triaxial braids
  • Manufacturing and testing of composite materials reinforced with the new braided reinforcements
  • Demonstration of the technology in relevant conditions with two demonstrators (automotive and aerospace)
  • Dissemination of the project results thanks to workshops
  • Creation of a new workgroup within a transnational cluster dedicated to braided composites

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Project Partners

Lead partner

Organisation Address Email Website
EuraMaterials 41 Rue des Métissages
Name Contact Name Email Country
ENSAIT Xavier Legrand France
EUROCARBON Stephan Voskamp Netherlands
Centexbel Baptiste Herlin Belgium
Coexpair Emmanuel Detaille Belgium
University of Twente Remko Akkerman Netherlands
Agoria Kevin Poelmans Belgium
Ratier-Figeac Cédric François France



COBRACOMP 1st webinar -15 June 2021

Within the cobracomp project, we have met many players in the composites field.
We have listed all these players in a database in the form of a map.
You can find all these players in the following cartography,-22.3798565,4z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!6m1!1s1EdzygCnt5e7f-CdR6E8mRhVplTyeTuk?authuser=0&entry=ttu

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